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The ReClaim: Lutheran Hymnal for Church and Home (LHCH) is now available for ordering (see ordering details below).  Building off of the Introductory Edition of 2006, this full hymnal includes three settings for Holy Communion.  Setting one is the version from the Introductory Edition, which is in American folk style and was composed by John Ylvisaker.  The music for setting two is in jazz style and was composed by Douglas Norquist.  Setting three is a chant setting and is similar to the first setting in the Service Book and Hymnal of 1958 (“the old red book”).

Additionally, the LHCH contains Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, all three ecumenical creeds (Apostles’, Nicene, and Athanasian) orders for evening prayer, individual and public confession and absolution, a general order for prayer suited for small groups, and orders for funeral, wedding, confirmation, and baptismal services.  Selected Psalms are also provided.  This resource contains 275 hymns and songs.  It has always been ReClaim’s view that it is better for a congregation to know a smaller number of hymns well than to possess only passing familiarity with a large number of hymns.  Many of these hymns are “old favorites” among Lutherans, coming from American, English, German, and Scandinavian hymn traditions, but the LHCH also contains some newer “praise and worship” songs as well as some newly translated treasures from the Scandinavian tradition.  An index of brief information about each hymn or song is included as well.

Pew Edition: $22/copy
Organist Edition: $26/copy

To order the hymnal:


Or Write to:

ReClaim Resources

P.O. Box 8202

St. Paul, Minnesota 55108


About us

ReClaim Resources is a publishing ministry that creates and provides worship resources for Lutherans.  Our mission is to make Christians through solidly evangelical worship services and materials.  Our vision is to reclaim the future of the Lutheran understanding of Christianity by reclaiming the Reformation for all generations.

A brief history of ReClaim Resources

We grew out of a growing concern over changes in worship materials over the years within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and its predecessor church bodies.  Ecumenical pressures and liturgical curiosity had led many to adopt non-Lutheran elements in their worship practices that confuse the purpose and direction of worship, falsely implying that we bring something worthy of celebration to worship other than a repentant heart.  Martin Luther’s clear understanding of worship is that God’s love and grace come to us in Christ alone.  Therefore the direction of the worship service should be from God to the people, of proclamation of the Gospel through hymns, liturgies, and the spoken Word throughout the service.  This is important because worship is at the heart of shaping what people believe.

ReClaim was birthed out of a committee within the WordAlone Network in 2005, and by the Spring of 2006 had become an independent, non-profit corporation and tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization with a board of directors.  The main goal has always been to produce a “stand alone,” independent Lutheran Hymnal for Church and Home (LHCH).

ReClaim Resources is already a fresh resource for congregations and individuals that lifts up the key elements of the Reformation and demonstrates them through our liturgies, hymns, and scholarly papers for use in public and home settings.

Our publishing history

In the summer of 2006, the Introductory Edition of the Lutheran Hymnal for Church and Home was published as an example of what the complete hymnal might look like and introduce our name to the larger church.  This wonderful book included Luther’s Small Catechism, Setting one with Holy Communion (by John Ylvisaker), orders for baptism, marriage, and funerals, and 47 hymns and songs that were chosen as a core to build upon toward a full sized worship book.  The Introductory Edition as well as other products can still be purchased from our friends at Sola Publishing (

We are now pleased to be able to offer the completed Lutheran Hymnal for Church and Home (LHCH), and it is our prayer that congregations and individuals will find in it a way to express an enduring faith, that God comes to us in our poverty of spirit and leads us to repentance and new life in his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

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